Unsatisfactory Performance and Academic Remediation

Unsatisfactory Performance and Academic Remediation

Last updated: July 14th, 2022 at 01:19 pm

Students who fail to meet academic performance and professionalism standards during the 5 semesters at WAUSM will be subject to review by the Student Progress Committee (SPC) and could be considered for remediation, disciplinary action and/or dismissal. When deemed appropriate by SPC, remediation opportunities will be allowed.


a. Student performance extends beyond medical knowledge and academic performance. Behavior of a medical student reflects on the student’s ability to become a competent physician. The University expects all medical students to be professional in their interactions with patients, employees, faculty, and staff and to exhibit caring and compassionate attitudes. These and other qualities will be evaluated during patient contacts and in other relevant settings by both faculty and peers. In addition, students must adhere to WAUSM’s Code of Student Conduct.

b. In conferring the MD degree, WAUSM certifies that the student is prepared to enter the challenges of Graduate Medical Education. The MD degree also certifies that, in addition to competency in medical knowledge and skills, the graduate possesses those traits essential to the profession of medicine as judged by the faculty members, residents, and the student’s peers. Attitudes and/or behaviors, including, but not limited to alleged violations of WAUSM’s Code of Student Conduct may indicate unsatisfactory performance of professionalism. The SPC may review allegations of conduct that, in its judgment, indicate an academic deficiency and, if a deficiency is found, may dismiss the student. A SPC review of a student’s academic progress does not preclude a WAUSM review for student conduct code violations.


a. Failed Examination within a Course

i. The WAUSM curriculum is fast-paced and demands a high level of preparation and participation for student success. Any student who scores below a passing grade on any examination as defined in the missed examination policy must meet with the Center for Academic Success (CAS) to discuss their performance and learning strategies.

ii. The Center for Academic Success and the Office of Student Affairs will assist in formulating strategies to assist the student and will meet with the student to discuss correction strategies tailored to the student’s individual needs.

iii. The goal is to provide prompt and effective intervention to correct academic deficiencies to help prevent failure overall.

b. Failed Course

i. If a student fails a course and requires formal remediation to achieve a passing grade, the student will be presented to SPC for review.

1. Foundations of Medicine (FoM): If a student scores less than 70% for the course grade yet passes the final examination with a minimum score of 70%, that student will be eligible to sit for a remediation final examination within one (1) week of the original final examination. This will be subject to approval by the SPC. Students attaining a minimum score of 70% on the remediation final examination will receive a FoM course grade of “Pass”. Remediating students cannot receive high pass or honors for that semester. The remediation of the course will be noted internally for MSPE purposes.

2. Patient Centered Care (PCC): Students failing the PCC 1 practical examination may remediate the examination after week 15 of the semester, within the first week of the semester break. Students successfully remediating the practical examination may not receive a total PCC 1 grade higher than 70%, regardless of remediation exam score or points received for the activity component of the PCC 1 course. Remediating students cannot receive high pass or honors for that semester. The remediation of the course will be noted internally for MSPE purposes.

c. Failed Semester – Pre-clerkship Program

i. Students must pass all components of the Foundations of Medicine course (FoM) and the Patient Centered Care (PCC) course to pass the semester. Students who fail either the PCC course or the FoM course without successful remediation, may have the opportunity to repeat one (1) semester. All failures will be reviewed by the SPC.

The University strongly encourages students to assume leadership positions in various sanctioned campus organizations and activities (e.g., class officer positions, student interest groups, health outreach missions, and the like). Students who accept such leadership positions should be in “good academic standing,” defined as:

• a passing grade in each course attempted

• successful completion of USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt (if applicable)

• a passing grade in each required clerkship (if applicable)• passing grades in Step 2 CK (if applicable)

• passing grade in OET (if applicable)• passing grade in ECFMG Pathway (if applicable)

If students fall below this specified standard of academic performance, they may be required to relinquish their leadership position until their academic performance returns to the acceptable level. They also should seek assistance from appropriate advisers, counselors, and mentors. 



The academic catalog describes the educational program and activities available at WAUSM. WAUSM’s curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation and positions students for success.



The information contained in the student handbook serves as a guide for students throughout their academic, clinical,  and extracurricular life as members of the WAUSM community.