WAUSM’s Medical Advancement Preparatory Program (MAPP)

MAPP accepts three classes per year: December, April, and August.

It’s no secret that successful medical school applicants are able to demonstrate a variety of skills, knowledge, and capabilities in more than a dozen competency areas.

While all applicants excel in some areas more than others, there are times when an applicant is extremely close in the eyes of the Admissions Committee, but needs some additional preparation to be successful in medical school.

WAUSM’s Medical Advancement Preparatory Program (MAPP), delivered online, was created to provide just this kind of support.

With the same emphasis on personalized support and group learning you will experience at WAUSM, MAPP prepares promising medical school applicants for the rigors of medical school much like residency programs prepare medical school graduates to become board certified in their specialty of choice.

Participation in MAPP is “time well spent” in that it provides students with the opportunity to enter medical school with an even stronger arsenal of skills and knowledge at their disposal, and the confidence they need to succeed.

Students progress through MAPP in lockstep with a close-knit cohort of their peers, receive customized instruction from faculty whose goal is to see them succeed, and progress to WAUSM with a built-in support system of study partners who are ready to begin their medical school journey together.

Our leadership has run similar programs at other leading international medical schools and has seen these preparatory programs lead to students being on par, or outperforming, their peers who were directly accepted due, in part, to the reasons outlined above.


MAPP accepts three classes per year, in December, April, and August. Students who begin MAPP in December and successfully complete the program promote to WAUSM in May; April starts who successfully promote join WAUSM in September; and August starts who successfully promote join WAUSM in January.

WAUSM Scholarship Eligibility

MAPP students who successfully promote to WAUSM automatically receive the SELECT Scholarship covering their first-semester tuition in medical school.

Program Cost

MAPP Tuition / 2023-24 Academic Year
MAPP Tuition – Effective 11/27/2023 $10,225
MAPP is a one-semester, online program; those who pass promote to WAUSM for Semester 1 of medical school.


WAUSM encourages all students to have a comprehensive health insurance plan, but this is not a requirement for MAPP. Students may elect to continue coverage on their parents’ insurance (if applicable, coverage would end the last day of the month of your 26th birthday), secure a policy on their own, or elect to buy the University’s health insurance plan. Immunization requirements prior to starting the MD program are typically covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan.