Tuition, No Fees

Get a world-class medical education with an extremely competitive flat-rate tuition. We invite you to do a cost comparison and see the value of WAUSM for yourself.

Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) is committed to making our world-class medical school affordable to deserving students who have proven they have what it takes to earn a spot at WAUSM. Following suit with several US medical schools, we offer a premium education that sets you up for success, while not leaving you with overwhelming debt.

For this reason, WAUSM is proud to offer a full first-semester tuition scholarship for all accepted students in our MD degree program. This scholarship is awarded entirely on merit, regardless of financial need, and illustrates our belief in your ability and determination to become an MD. Every student attending WAUSM will receive a scholarship of $20,750, which covers your full tuition for the first semester of medical school.

The following table represents WAUSM’s tuition for the upcoming academic year (2023). Please note, tuition is expected to increase annually. The figures below reflect current tuition pricing.

While there are no additional institutional fees related with the cost of attendance, fees originating outside the institution are a Visa immigration fee required by the Bahamian government, official transcripts, and first semester students are charged a fee for supplies related to patient care courses. All students who do not have adequate health insurance at the time of matriculation will be required to buy the WAUSM student health insurance plan provided by Cigna.

  • $444.35 – Bahamian Visa Fee
  • $540.70 Student Supply Kit
  • $1,069.08 Student Health Insurance
  • Transcripts – Students needing an official copy of their transcript from Parchment Transcript Services will pay a fee of $4.50 for an electronic copy and $7.00 for a paper copy.

WAUSM Tuition (2023 Academic Year)

Preclerkship Semester 1 $0
Preclerkship Semesters 2-5 $20,750
Clerkship Semesters 6-10 $22,750
Additional Institutional Fees $0
Total Tuition $196,750
SELECT Scholarship Awarded to ALL Students
(Covers Full First-Semester Tuition)


WAUSM MD Program Full Cost of Attendance