Bahamian Scholarship

Email Application and documents to [email protected].

Our Commitment

In accordance with the Heads of Agreement, Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) will offer five (5) scholarships to Bahamian students that are admitted into WAUSM’s MD program. WAUSM, a newly built, state-of-the-art allopathic medical school located in Freeport, Grand Bahama, provides candidates an opportunity to earn a medical degree over a period of four years: The curriculum consists of ten 15-week semesters. The pre-clerkship portion of the curriculum (semesters 1-5) occurs on campus in Freeport.

Scholarship Program

Each calendar year, WAUSM will offer (1) one Bahamian student admitted to WAUSM, a 10-semester tuition scholarship and (1) one Bahamian student, a 100% tuition scholarship for pre-clerkship semesters with a 50% scholarship for the clerkship semesters, such that at any given time there are at minimum 5 Bahamian students on scholarship. The scholarships are for tuition only and do not cover the cost of student fees, external fees, student health insurance, room and board, textbooks, meals, or other personal expenses.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for a scholarship award, candidates must:

  1. be a Bahamian citizen holding a current passport
  2. actively reside in The Bahamas (college attendance can be outside on The Bahamas)
  3. have been admitted into WAUSM’s MD program

WAUSM’s application for admission includes the following materials and/or requirements:

  • Completed Application Form for WAUSM’s MD program
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) from an accredited academic institution
  • MCAT Exam Results (including scores from all attempts)
  • Personal Statement
  • One (1) letter of recommendation (academic or professional) required; two (2) recommended
  • Previous USMLE scores (for transfer students, if applicable)
  • Full details regarding WAUSM’s application process can be found on the application document below.


Each Bahamian accepted into WAUSM’s MD program may apply for the Bahamian Scholarship. Scholarship applications are due by June 30th of each year. The application can be found here. The Bahamian Scholarship Committee will notify recipients of their awards in July of each year. Scholarship recipients must respond within two (2) weeks to accept the offer. Scholarships are available in the September, January, and May terms following notification.

Ongoing Eligibility

In order to maintain the scholarship, recipients must remain in good academic standing and progress in a timely manner toward completion of WAUSM’s MD program. By accepting a scholarship, recipients agree to participate in media events including but not limited to interviews, photographs, social media posts, award ceremonies and commit to serve as a physician in The Bahamas for a minimum of two (2) years.

Post-Graduation Requirements

Award recipients must commit to serve as a physician in a healthcare facility in the Bahamas within four years of graduation. In the event that a scholarship award recipient fails to meet this obligation, such recipient will be required to reimburse the full cost of tuition covered by the Scholarship Program.

Mail Application and documents to [email protected].