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The AAMC predicts a physician shortfall of up to 124,000 doctors by 2034.

primary care

The AAMC also predicts a shortage of primary care physicians of up to 48,000 by 2034.


Additionally, the AAMC predicts a shortage across the non-primary care specialties of up to 77,100 physicians within the same timeframe.

Becoming a Doctor: The Need
We are living in a truly unprecedented time: a global pandemic combined with a looming MD physician shortage, with the latter predicting dire consequences for the former. Even when this current pandemic is under control and a vaccine has become readily available, another is sure to follow. Whether it will be in our lifetime is anyone’s guess, but preparing for these types of global medical emergencies is critical. To do so, we need to address what the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is currently predicting as a physician shortfall of up to 124,000 doctors by 2034.

Further, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts predict additional short- and long-term consequences on what is becoming an increasingly fragile US physician workforce. These include issues to the medical school educational pipeline, regulatory issues, changes to how medicine is practiced, workforce exits, and demand shifts.

With great need comes great opportunity, however, and with the physician shortage forecast to worsen for well over a decade, the opportunities for those who want to become a doctor have never been greater.

Still, the competition is fierce, leaving many who aspire to become a doctor wondering why it is so hard to get into medical school? The answer is simple – too many applicants for too few spots.

Become a Doctor: The Opportunity
Created to provide deserving prospective medical students with the chance to realize their dreams, Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) is a Caribbean medical school that is well positioned to help in addressing the looming physician shortage.

Moreover, our integrated, modern approach to medical education and ability to quickly integrate new technologies and medical practice into our curriculum means that you will graduate with the skills needed to adapt, succeed, and lead within the changing healthcare landscape.

We invite you to fulfill your calling and begin your life’s work as a MD by attending WAUSM. Your service is needed.