WAUSM students have a big impact! While your medical school experience here will undoubtedly shape your career and the physician you will become, in turn, you will have the chance to join your fellow students in influencing the advancement of the University in ways that will benefit the school as a whole for future generations of WAUSM students.

What We Look For

With decades of experience in medical school education and healthcare, WAUSM’s leadership team knows what effective measures to look for to best predict student success in medical school.

The same qualities that are needed to become a successful physician – intellectual and emotive endurance, the desire and ability to effectively relate to people from all walks of life, and the aptitude to think logically – are traits we look for in our medical students. We seek students who demonstrate leadership, determination, and self-motivation, as well as a demonstrated knowledge of, and interest in, the medical field and all that it comprises.

Our commitment to accepting medical students who not only meet, but exceed, these expectations is crucial to our mission of offering opportunity for qualified and diverse US, Canadian, and international students who seek to acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in medical school, earn residency positions, and become outstanding, patient-centered MDs.

Given our many years of educating allopathic doctors who have gone on to enjoy successful careers as MDs across the US and Canada, it is our firm belief that the students who are selected to join WAUSM will be just as successful in their own right.

Our merit-based SELECT Scholarship offering full first semester tuition to all students is a testament to this belief, and demonstrates our commitment to educating exceptional MDs of the future.

If this describes you, we invite you to apply to Western Atlantic University School of Medicine. Through clear, personalized guidance, the WAUSM Admissions team will show you how we can help turn your dreams of becoming a doctor into reality. Together, we will make a real difference.