As the parent of a son or daughter who dreams of becoming a physician, you’ve watched them work toward this goal their entire lives. Your support has played a key role in their journey, which has led to this pivotal point marking the beginning of their dream becoming reality.

As you know, choosing the right medical school is not a decision to be taken lightly. At Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM), we believe it is one that should, when possible, involve the entire family.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the extraordinary opportunities that await your son or daughter as a student at WAUSM.

Offering a medical education above, WAUSM provides opportunities for deserving US, Canadian, and international candidates to become outstanding, patient-centered physicians of the future on the most contemporary preclerkship campus in international medical education, located in Freeport, Grand Bahama, just 80 miles (and a 27-minute flight) from South Florida.

Headed by Dr. Joseph Flaherty, dean emeritus of the University of Illinois College of Medicine and one of the most respected academic leaders in US medical education, our leadership team’s commitment to educating outstanding, patient-centered physicians of the future is the foundation upon which our medical school is built.

At Western Atlantic University School of Medicine, your son or daughter will train to become a physician in a world class learning environment that prepares students to thrive in a collaborative and supportive academic community; hit the ground running in their clinical years in the US; and graduate with the tools and experience needed to fulfill their life’s work and attain a competitive residency.

How do we know this? Because our leaders have been training successful US and Canadian MDs for decades, which allows them to know what effective measures to look for to best predict student success in medical school.

We invite you to take some time to explore this website to learn more about what makes WAUSM different, including our distinguished leadership; comprehensive and holistic admission process; SELECT Scholarship that is awarded to ALL accepted students covering the cost of first-semester tuition; forward-thinking MD Program; tracked clerkship program in the US; and personalized academic support and faculty mentorship.

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Questions? Our knowledgeable Admissions team is also on hand to answer any questions you have. Please reach out by emailing us at:
[email protected].