Freeport Campus Spaces & Virtual Tour

WAUSM’s 50-acre, preclerkship campus in Freeport, Grand Bahama, features the newest in world-class facilities and technology, creating a learning environment that is equipped to educate the physicians of tomorrow.


Located in Freeport, Grand Bahama – just 80 miles from South Florida – Western Atlantic University School of Medicine’s (WAUSM) innovative preclerkship campus was designed by US medical education leaders for one purpose – to train outstanding MDs of the future.

Built from the ground up with your every educational need in mind, the Freeport campus is home to a high-tech Simulation Center; standardized patients and virtual anatomy; contemporary examination rooms, lecture halls, and classrooms; and study and small group collaboration spaces. There is also a Center for Academic Success, fully equipped library, student lounge areas, and casual dining facilities.

Because active collaboration between students and faculty is a key component of WAUSM’s pedagogy, the campus is outfitted with hi-tech audiovisual equipment throughout all learning spaces. High-fidelity 3D simulation equipment and various task trainers are utilized for clinical skills courses.