MD Program

Your Residency Road Map


“Our job as WAUSM leaders is to provide you with opportunities that will allow your skills and leadership to develop so you can become master adaptive learners who are positioned to succeed as MDs in your specialties of choice.”

– Paula Wales, EdD, Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer

In four years, medical school must prepare you for a career that will span decades. While we do not know today the changes and innovations that will take place in the medical field over that time, we do know the skills and mindset our students will need to become successful physicians of the future.

With a focus on what comes next, Western Atlantic University School of Medicine has designed a forward-thinking curriculum that blends modern strategies with time-honored traditional teaching methods. Through case-based, hands-on, supportive learning, you will graduate with the knowledge and skills to launch a successful career in your field of choice, and be empowered to become a self-taught learner who is capable of continually updating your expertise over time.


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