Mission & Values


Our Mission

Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) is committed to providing an opportunity for qualified, diverse, and often under-represented US, Canadian, Bahamian, and international medical school students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to earn residency positions and to become outstanding patient-centered MDs serving the public.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence in medical education and student services.
  • Service to patients and local and global communities.
  • Integrity embracing the highest standards of ethical behavior and moral character.
  • Collaboration in pursuit of medical education.
  • Diversity in faculty, staff, and students.
  • Respect for all individuals regardless of affiliation.

Our Approach

Our curriculum has been built to meet these goals and is intended to provide students with the academic knowledge, clinical skills, and patient-centered focus needed to lead within their place of practice and community. Students will learn within an integrated, collaborative environment that emphasizes thinking skills and application of knowledge to solve problems and become continuous learners. Through this student-centered, team-based approach, students will learn to connect theory to practice and locate the most current evidence in support of clinical care, thus providing them with the tools to succeed in modern clinical settings and become outstanding physicians of the future.