Faculty and Staff Administration

Faculty and Staff Administration

Last updated: February 9th, 2023 at 01:17 pm


MD, St. George’s University School of MedicineMedical Education, Adjunct Faculty

MD, St. George’s University School of MedicineMedical Education, Faculty

Sherry Anton Associate Director of Admissions (Chicago)
Cara Bazil Academic Operations and Colleague Experience Administrator
Alina Beyer, MD, LLM, LLB CHSE
LLB, University of Capetown
LLM, University of Capetown
MD, Carol Davila, University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Medical Education, Faculty
Leeya Bobrowski-Vogt Associate Director of Admissions (Canada)
Julie Burgio Director of Student Financial Services
Nadia Castriota, PhD Assistant Dean for Admissions
Mark Coleman, PhD
BM, University of Tennessee
MA, Stony Brook University
PhD, Stony Brook University
Medical Education, Faculty
Santylal Daya, PhD
MSc, Rhodes University
PhD, University of Limpopo
Medical Education, Faculty
Hayley Derricott, PhD
BSc, University of Manchester, UK
PhD, University of Manchester, UK
Medical Education, Faculty
Teykia Deveaux, MD
BA, Fisk University
MD, Howard University
Medical Education, Faculty
Peter Doherty, PhD
BA, University of Alberta
MSc, Loyola College
PhD, United States International University
Medical Education, Faculty
Stephanie Doland Director of Student Development and Campus Life
Bianca Durant Associate Director of Admissions (Georgia)
Alyssa Eason, EdD
BA, Florida Atlantic University
MS, Nova Southeastern University
EdD, Nova Southeastern University
University Registrar, Medical EducationFaculty
Omur Cinar Elci, MD, PhD
PhD, Dokuz Eylul University School of Medicine
MD, Ege University
Medical Education, Faculty
Shannon Evans, DSW
BA, Rutgers, The State of University of New Jersey
DSW, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Medical EducationFaculty
Mark Hardy Director of Campus Operations – Freeport
Tracy Havlin
BA, University of Victoria
MLIS, University of British Columbia
Manager of Library Services, Medical EducationFaculty
Rebekah Herbison Director of Communications
Scott Ippolito, MD
BA, Hofstra University
MD, Ross University School of Medicine
Chair of Family Medicine
Melanie Jessel, LPC Director of Counseling and Wellness
Dariano Joseph Campus IT Manager
Bassem Khalil, PhD
BS, Notre Dame University
MS, Lebanese American University
PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Medical Advancement Preparatory Program, Faculty
Kristopher King Director of Multimedia Production
Jocelyn Loo Systems Support Manager
Maudtasma Lundy Administrative Assistant
Lashanda Mackey Administrative Assistant
Fatima Marankan, PhD
MSC, Universite Laval
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
Medical Education, Faculty
Katrina Parker, MD
BSc, Michigan State University, MI
MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine
Medical Education, Faculty
Sean Powers Director of Admissions
Nicole Reeves, PhD
BA, University of Texas at Austin
MA, Texas State University
PhD, University of Tennessee
Director of Medical Advancement Preparatory Program, Faculty
Joretta Roberts-Carey, MD
BS, Howard University
MD, American International Medical University
Standardize Patient Coordinator, Medical EducationFaculty
Emily Rodriguez Director of Digital Marketing
Camille Sands-Knowles Campus Operations and Student Experience Administrator
Elisabeth Schlegel, PhD
MBA, Malcolm Bridge School of Business, Post University
MS, Hofstra University
PhD, Hofstra University
Medical Education, Faculty
Brad Schmidt Senior Associate Director of Admissions (South Florida)
Nancy Selfridge, MD
BSc, Southern Illinois University
MD, Illinois State University
Assistant Dean and Chair, Medical Education
Mallory Silva New Student Coordinator
Cari Sloma, PhD
BS, McMurry University
PhD, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Medical Education, Faculty
Kristen Sooklal-Camacho Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Arash Tadjalli, PhD
BS, University of Toronto
MSc, University of Toronto
PhD, University of Toronto
Medical Education, Faculty
Bridgette Thomas, MD
MD, St. George’s University School of Medicine
Medical Education, Adjunct Faculty
Mickel Valentine Simulation Operations and Program Coordinator
Yaremis Vega Operations Manager
Christine Victor Campus Registrar
Rhonicia Walter
BS, University of the West Indies
MSc, Keller Graduate School of Management
Educational Technologist, Medical EducationFaculty
Deanna Warner, PhD
BS, Missouri University of Science and Technology
PhD, University of Cincinnati
Medical Advancement Preparatory Program, Faculty
Josh Webb, MD, CCFP
BS, Dalhousie University
MD, Spartan Health Sciences
Medical Education, Faculty
Bruce Wright, PhD
BS, University of New Orleans
PhD, Louisiana State University Health Science Center
Medical Education, Faculty
Leor Zellner, PhD
BS, University of Tampa
PhD, West Virginia University School of Medicine
Director of Center for Academic Success, Medical Education, Faculty
Rodney Stuart Facilities Manager
Roger Dilts, PhD
BS, Virginia Tech
PhD, Washington State University
Medical Education, Faculty
Eric Neilson, MD
BSc, University of CA, Santa Barbara
MD, Ross University School of Medicine
Vice Chair of Medical Education, Clinical Medicine, Faculty
Jalysha Seide New Student Coordinator



The academic catalog describes the educational program and activities available at WAUSM. WAUSM’s curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation and positions students for success.



The information contained in the student handbook serves as a guide for students throughout their academic, clinical,  and extracurricular life as members of the WAUSM community.