WAUSM Grading System

WAUSM Grading System

Last updated: July 14th, 2022 at 10:41 am

Semesters 1 – 5 (Pre-Clinical)

The final course grade for a student is determined by the percentages and designation indicated below. A number of methods of evaluation may be used to make this assessment, including but not limited to, written examinations, team-based activities, direct observation of students, written reports, oral presentations, Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and evaluations of professional conduct. Students should see the course syllabus for detailed information about grading for an individual course. Student achievement of competencies results in either an Honors (H), High Pass (HP), Pass (P) or Fail (F) final grade.

Each student earning the following percentage scores on the overall course grade will receive the indicated designation, at minimum:

i. Honors (H): 90% – 100+%

ii. High Pass (HP): 80% – 89.9%

iii. Pass (P): 70% – 79.9%:

iv. Fail (F): Less than 70%

Semesters 6 – 10 (Clinical)

Student achievement of competencies is stratified, based on clinical performance and NBME Subject Examination performance, resulting in a final grade of Honors, High Pass, Pass, and Fail.

i. Honors (H): The student has performed consistently in a manner judged as truly outstanding. The performance is worthy as a model.

ii. High Pass (HP): The student has performed consistently in a manner judged to be clearly above average competency. The performance may occasionally be exemplary but not consistently so.

iii. Pass (P): The student has performed consistently in a manner judged to be at or above the minimum level of competency. The performance may occasionally be superior, but not consistently so. No significant portion of the performance has been below the minimum level of competency.

iv. Fail (F): The student has performed in a manner judged as marginal in relation to the minimal level of competency. In some respects, performance may have been above the minimum level, but in other aspects, or at other times, performance has been below the minimum level. The student has not demonstrated adequate mastery of the pertinent competency. Remediation or repetition of coursework is required.

In Process (IP) and Fail (F) Grades

a. In Process (IP):

i. This temporary grade is used for students who have not completed all required components of a course or clerkship but can do so before the start of the next semester.

ii. In Process (IP) grades change to Fail (F) grades if the remediation is not completed in a satisfactory manner within the time limits prescribed by the Student Progress Committee (SPC).

b. Fail (F):

i. Students who receive a Failing (F) grade in a medical school course, clerkship, or rotation will be referred to the SPC for review of the student’s overall academic progress.

ii. All Fail (F) final grades will be listed on the student’s permanent transcript. The transcript will reflect both the initial grade of Fail (F) and the final remediated grade earned in the course or clerkship.

iii. Failure to complete the plan for remediation (i.e., work not completed or performed at an unsatisfactory level) will be reported to the SPC for action, which can include requiring the student to repeat the course/clerkship, repeat the semester or year, be placed on probation, suspension, or dismissal from WAUSM.


a. The SPC, under certain circumstances, may require a student to withdraw  or may recommend that a student be dismissed from the program. In these cases, the SPC will determine the effective date of withdrawal and notify the student in writing.

b. A withdrawal will be recorded if a student takes an unauthorized leave or does not return from an approved leave of absence.

c. A withdrawal will also be recorded in cases where a student does not provide missing documentation within the first semester of being admitted, including but not limited to, official transcripts and test scores.

d. A withdrawal occurs when a student’s enrollment has been interrupted or discontinued throughout the course of the semester. Students are subject to a withdrawal based on the following:

i.  A student electing to withdraw, or take a leave of absence, prior to the first exam will receive a grade of a “W” on his/her transcript.

ii. A student electing to withdraw, or take a leave of absence, after taking one or more examinations will receive a grade of a withdrawal passing (WP) or withdrawal fail (WF) based on their performance on the examination(s) taken on his/her transcript.

e. Students are subject to administrative withdrawal (WA) if they;

i. do not return to campus after the start of the semester during the designated check-in period

ii. fail to report to a clinical rotation on the first day of the rotation

iii. do not return from an approved leave of absence and/or take an unauthorized leave

iv. do not sit for the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, or OET Medicine exams by the deadline provided by WAUSM

v. do not provide missing documentation, including but not limited to official transcripts, test scores, immunization records, etc.

Note: Please see section XII of the Student Advancement, Promotion, and Graduation Standards Policy for more information on withdrawals.



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The information contained in the student handbook serves as a guide for students throughout their academic, clinical,  and extracurricular life as members of the WAUSM community.