Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Last updated: January 18th, 2023 at 01:50 pm

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is awarded upon successful completion of the following:

1. Pre-Clerkship Curriculum

2. Clinical Clerkship Curriculum

3. USMLE Step 1

4. USMLE Step 2 CK

5. OET Medicine

6. ECFMG Pathway Approval

7. Resolve all student holds

Office of Student Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Services is dedicated to assisting students make informed financial decisions. The office ensures the billing of students, collecting and depositing payments, sending invoices and receipts, distributing tax forms where applicable, issuing refunds, and verifying eligibility for financial aid disbursements.

Office of the University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar supports the academic mission of WAUSM by ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of academic records. Our services include, but are not limited to, student registration, class and final exam scheduling, grade processing, degree auditing, enrollment and degree verification, personal data record changes, academic record creation and maintenance, course information system operations, academic catalog, transcript and diploma issuance, degree conferral, and commencement exercises. We continuously strive to provide quality services that are efficient and reliable to members of the University and community.

Official transcripts can be requested electronically through Parchment Transcript Services and are only available from the Office of the University Registrar in Plantation, Florida. Students may view their unofficial transcripts by logging into Canvas. Official transcripts cannot be released until all student holds have been resolved.

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage where students take the Hippocratic Oath in front of family members, peers, and school officials, acknowledging the value of humanism and healthcare practice. Ceremony details to follow.


Commencement exercises are held in the spring of each academic year. See academic calendar for details. Unless otherwise excluded as pursuant to the student handbook, a student may participate in Commencement if the student:

1. Has an eligible graduation date of the current academic year.

2. Did not participate in Commencement for the academic year their degree was conferred, but successfully matched into a residency program in the current academic year.

3. Received a residency position or other employment, which is scheduled to begin at least one month before their scheduled graduation date.

a. Submit a written request to [email protected] at least 60 days prior to the graduation date and include the following:

i. Anticipated date you will complete all graduation requirements;

ii. Copy of signed contract; and

iii. Copy of offer letter.

Degree Conferral

Degree conferral will take place once all degree requirements have been met, outstanding balances are paid in full, student holds are resolved, and any administrative documents, clinical evaluations, and test scores from USMLE Step 1 and 2 and OET Medicine/ECFMG Pathway have been received. Participation in commencement exercises does not equate to degree completion.

WAUSM medical students will be considered a graduate after they have completed their degree requirements and their degree has been conferred.


The ECFMG requires students to take and pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK exams, OET Medicine exam, and receive ECFMG Pathway Approval. The final step for licensing is taken after graduation during the end of residency training, USMLE Step 3.



The academic catalog describes the educational program and activities available at WAUSM. WAUSM’s curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation and positions students for success.



The information contained in the student handbook serves as a guide for students throughout their academic, clinical,  and extracurricular life as members of the WAUSM community.