WAUSM Awards Scholarships to Bahamian Students

Three Western Atlantic University School of Medicine (WAUSM) Bahamian students, Amanda Fowler, Brendika Johnson, and Tanesia McKenzie, were recently awarded the University’s unique Bahamian Scholarship. Since the University opened its doors in 2022, 11 Bahamian students have been awarded $1.8 million in scholarships to attend WAUSM.

WAUSM Bahamian Scholarship awardees commit to practicing medicine in The Bahamas following graduation for a period of two years, but many foresee spending their entire careers there. Created to help deserving Bahamian students pursue a career in medicine in their home country, the WAUSM Bahamian Scholarship benefits its recipients and the Bahamian community.

“WAUSM is an integral part of Grand Bahama, and we are committed to strengthening healthcare services across The Bahamas as we carry out our mission of training well prepared, patient-centered physicians.” said WAUSM’s Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Paula Wales

“I’m so glad I’ve been granted this opportunity,” said Brendika Johnson. “I’ve always wanted to help and give back to my country.”

Echoing her sentiments, Tanesia McKenzie commented, “Thank you WAUSM for believing in me. I can’t imagine a school that would do this for its students the way you have. For a long time, medical school was only a dream that is now being realized by the opportunity presented by this scholarship.”

Amanda Fowler stated, “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. It’s been a long journey, but I dedicated myself to coming back home to my roots and I’m so grateful to the Committee for giving me this opportunity and helping me get started in my career. Thank you so much.”

Scholarships are awarded annually.  WAUSM is currently accepting applications for the 2025 Bahamian Scholarships through June 30, 2024. Bahamian citizens residing in The Bahamas who have been accepted to WAUSM for the September 2024, January 2025, or May 2025 terms are eligible to apply. To learn more and apply, visit wausm.education/bahamian-scholarship.