Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement

Last updated: October 31st, 2022 at 10:03 am

Because of potential curricular differences between WAUSM and the school from which the student is transferring, WAUSM does not commonly accept transfer credits or offer advanced standing to new WAUSM students. The review will also be dependent upon availability of clerkship/rotation sites and adequate educational opportunities. WAUSM typically accepts students at the beginning of the first semester or after the student has passed all equivalent pre-clerkship or foundational courses has passed USMLE Step 1.

Criteria to request a credit transfer or advanced standing:

A student may be reviewed for credit transfer when a compelling reason exists to request the transfer. All requests for advanced standing or credit transfers will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee on student transfers.

To be eligible for consideration, the student must:
• Complete WAUSM’s Application for Transfer form
• Obtain a letter of good standing from the Registrar of the school from which they are transferring
• Submit a copy of medical school transcript from every medical school attended
• Provide a detailed description of the medical school curricula and course descriptions students are seeking transfer credit for
• Provide a compelling letter addressed to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs notifying the
intent and reasons for the transfer a minimum of 90 days in advance of the requested transfer date

The student must also meet the following requirements:
• Be in good academic standing and have current passing grades in all subjects.
• Must have successfully passed USMLE STEP 1 on the first attempt.
• Must not be suspended, dismissed, or on probation.
• Must have a negative background check as to charges and convictions and a negative drug screen.
• If withdrawn, the student must be eligible for re-admission to the medical school from which they are transferring.
• The student is not transferring in the middle of an academic semester.
• Minimally, the student must complete the last two years of instruction at WAUSM to be eligible to receive the M.D. degree from WAUSM.
• The previous coursework must be equivalent to the WAUSM course work and requirements.
• The student must meet WAUSM’s health requirements and technical standards.
• The student must be in overall good standing with no behavioral infractions with the institution. from which they are transferring.

Once an applicant has submitted all required materials and meets all the stated conditions, all documentation provided will be reviewed by the Clerkship Admission Subcommittee of the Admissions Committee.

The Clerkship Admission Subcommittee will determine the curricular equivalency, the exact placement of the student in the curriculum, and ensure that the resources exist to allow the student to join WAUSM’s program. If the review by the Clerkship Admission Subcommittee determines the resources exist and the applicant is eligible to transfer, the Subcommittee will contact the Dean from the medical school from which the applicant is transferring to ensure the appropriate plans have been made and that no unidentified negative grades or behavioral problems exist that prohibit the transfer.

All coursework will be evaluated prior to transferring and will be credited to the student only after careful review by the Clerkship Admission Subcommittee on student transfers. Each course will be evaluated as to course content, equivalency, and credit hours prior to being accepted. After evaluation, the Subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Chair of the Admissions Committee who will then inform the Executive Dean to make the final decision.

Credits eligible for transfer will be determined by the Clerkship Admission Subcommittee of the Admissions Committee. Students who are transferring between medical schools cannot be given credit for incomplete or failed courses or for courses taken more than two years prior to the time the applicant is accepted for enrollment.

Students applying for transfer should know that WAUSM makes no claim or guarantee that credits earned while enrolled at WAUSM will transfer to other institutions.

Pre-clerkship courses, credits or requirements not satisfied at the previous academic institution must be successfully completed at WAUSM prior to the beginning of third year rotations. Additional courses required and requirements for completion of these courses will be determined by the Clerkship Admission Subcommittee and will be communicated to the student.

Review and acceptance of any transfer of credit or awarding of advanced standing will not be construed as a promise or guarantee of the student’s success in the WAUSM curriculum.



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